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Learn songwriting from a virtuoso!

Our renowned songwriting course is back, and then some! Aspiring songwriters will be delighted to learn that Mike Batt is bringing his substantial genius to French House Party Carcassonne for this unique 4-day residential songwriting course.

Mike is one of the UK’s best-known and respected songwriter/producer/artists. His multitude of hits include ‘Bright Eyes’ – No. 1 in six countries for Art Garfunkel, ‘A Winter’s Tale’ – No. 2 for David Essex, ‘Caravan’ for Barbara Dickson, and ‘Nine Million Bicycles’ and ‘The Closest Thing To Crazy’ for Katie Melua, whom he ‘discovered’ and managed for 10 years, selling 11 million records on his own label.

Apart from the massive early success he had with The Wombles – he composed the songs for the BBC children’s series – he had a big UK hit in 1975 as himself with ‘Summertime City’, has made six solo albums for Epic/Sony Records, and still performs concerts internationally. More of Mike’s voluminous biography can be found on his own website!

An accomplished arranger and conductor, he has conducted many of the world’s greatest orchestras from the London Symphony to the Stuttgart Philharmonic, in a variety of classical and pop repertoire, and still finds time to work on an eclectic range of projects from films to heavy rock with bands like Hawkwind and Steeleye Span.



Q. Do I need to be able to read music?

A. No. Some knowledge of music notation or familiarity with chords or tablature can be helpful, but is not necessary. Paul McCartney could barely read music starting out, and he managed pretty well.


Q. Do I need to be able to PLAY music – for example, what if I’m interested in writing lyrics only?

A. No. Lyricists are welcome. If both parties are amenable, it may be desirable to for a lyricist to pair up with an instrumentalist, but that is completely optional and not a requirement of this course.


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